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Advanced Network Configurator 1.0 Beta 8 Released

After about two weeks, I have completed the new Beta 8 release and below I have included the change log:

  • Added a programmer oriented RS-232/Serial Data Terminal with ASCII, HEX and BIN capabilities
  • Added a TCP Server with a Console with ASCII, HEX and BIN capabilities
  • Created a new tab called “Consoles” and moved TCP Client, TCP Server and RS-232/Serial data terminals there
  • Improved horizontal resizing
  • Fixed: If main window got expanded while located at the edge of the screen, the dialog expanded past the viewing area
  • Fixed: Pasting bug in TCP Client and some other negligible bugs
  • Fixed: Sometimes TCP Client would not recognize the server had closed the connection – this should be fixed now
  • Fixed: Re-arranged tab positions not getting restored on next launch (if moved)
  • Fixed: Width not getting restored on next launch (when session exited in Expanded Mode)
  • Relocated Net Tools to the Expanded Section
  • Fixed: Some theme errors

Keep checking this site frequently. I have a tendency to upload mini updates after major beta releases such as this. These updates fix little things I might have missed during the official release. If you find something annoying or not working as it should, please let me know.

Of course, Beta 8 official screenshot:


Advanced Network Configurator has come a long way since its first Beta 1 release. As you can see I have moved past the point of simple profiles and I am trying to really make this a great tool. Keep checking this site for full progress and Beta 9 updates.

Beta 8 Progress Update 1

For the last week, I’ve been working on Advanced Network Configurator’s next release: Beta 8. This will bring you an integrated COM / RS-232 Console as well as a TCP Server and some fixes for bugs introduced in Beta 7 (minor bugs).

The TCP Server would be beneficial if you are developing a module for a projector or a screen but don’t have the device with you. You can simply connect to it and see what’s coming in and at the same time you’d be able to send data back to your controller.

Stay tuned for some screenshots.

Advanced Network Configurator 1.0 Beta 7 Released

After a slight delay, I’ve finally managed to finalize Advanced Network Configurator 1.0 Beta 7.

Changes in this release:

  • Added a sophisticated TCP Client
  • Added Horizontal Resizing Capability
  • Expanded mode is now saved / restored on start up (if Expanded)
  • Fixed some theme and GUI errors


Although the change log for this release is smaller, I’ve spent a lot more time on this release. I am especially pleased to introduce you to the TCP Client (available in the expanded section). As stated earlier, this client is specially designed for AV integrators (called Expert Mode) as it will show you exactly what the server sends you and it sends back exactly what you tell it to. When you disable Expert Mode, the terminal will behave as any other terminal. As usual, please provide feedback.

Beta 7 Progress Update 5

The “regular” terminal has been completed. The “regular” terminal will work as you would expect, you just type in directly as with a standard telnet session and all of the non printable characters will be hidden / ignored.

The “non-regular” terminal, called “Expert Mode” will allow you to send exactly what you say you want and no assumption are made, literally, and you would use the Input Text Box at the bottom which will also allow you to send hexadecimal values. In “Expert Mode”, all of the non-printable chars received will be shown in hexadecimal so this is perfect for programming / controlling all sorts of devices. I just need to do a few more minor tweaks and add another feature or two and Beta 7 will be ready to go.

Beta 7 Progress Update 4

Here is another update. The TCP Client is nearly complete but it requires some additional tweaks. It’s currently aimed at AV programmers and this means it sends exactly what you tell it to. This also means that every time you send a command, CR and a LF are *not* automatically sent for you *unless* you add $0D$0A as part of the data string. This is especially important when the data is going out to projectors, LCDs etc where every byte matters and this is why I designed it like this but I know some people will want to use this as a regular terminal so I’ll do some tweaks that will have this as an option.


I like that shaded aqua-blue area in the log window. May be I should make it white? Hmm but if I do, there will be too much white. It needs to be pleasant to your eyes when you look at it instead of hurting your eyes.

Beta 7 Progress Update 3

Here is what I have achieved so far. I’ve further tweaked the UI (as you can see below) and I started integrating a telnet client! The even better news is that I already have the code for it in another project that hasn’t been released so most of the work would be copy / paste – literally with some tweaks here and there. What you see below is just a rough design and I will show you a completed version very soon.

pre_bera7_1 pre_bera7_2

I expect to release Beta 7 at the end of the week – around 05/06/2015.

Beta 7 Progress Update 2

I’ve added a second horizontal resize handle. Pay attention to the blue border on the left. Now you will be able to resize ANC’s window horizontally either from the left or right. Take a quick look at the screenshot below. The handle also beautifies the interface.


It looks like Beta 7 rather than bringing you more advanced features as with Beta 6, it will instead focus more on flexibility and ease of use. As for the WiFi Manager, I’ve done some progress with it but I am just thinking, is there much point reinventing the wheel? The one included with your operating system already does a great job so perhaps I should focus my time on something more useful – a feature that you would want to use. I am thinking of….. (you’d have to wait and see). I have a great idea for a feature in mind!

Preparations for Beta 7

I am already working on the next release: Beta 7 and I just completed a brand new feature. I’ve added a horizontal resizing capability. So in Beta 5 I implemented vertical resizing and with Beta 7 you will get a horizontal resizing capability. Something so simple should have been done at the beginning but I purely focused on core functionality at the time – changing profiles. Of course, here is the obligatory screenshot. Pay attention to the right edge, you will spot a darker colored area. That’s a resize handle, just like the one at the top!

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